Creating Bird Habitat: Kingsyard Bird House

 A new bird house graces our arbor and looks so good!  I'm hoping to set up a web cam this year to track one of our backyard bird nests this spring.  Nestled behind branches of tall Oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium) and about 8' off the ground beneath a deodar cedar canopy, this location seems to be an attractive place for a nesting pair.  


Kingsyard Nesting Box

Gardening for wildlife means providing habitat for nesting birds.  In urban and suburban areas, there are too few locations for birds to safely raise their broods, so nesting boxes like these can be a great way to support wild birds in addition to building up the five canopy layers of native plant species to your area.  


Bewick's wrens have been active at the feeders in recent weeks.

I'm a big advocate of the facilitation of safe and respectful human/wildlife connections, so am hoping to facilitate that with a web cam depending on where the finches, chickadees, western screech owls, downy woodpeckers, song sparrows, hummingbirds, etc. choose to nest this season.  Now is the time to put out your nesting boxes.  I like the Kingsyard line as their products are research-based, high-quality, affordable, and easy to mount and clean.  You can order this nesting box here and scroll through other habitat supplies that I use and love at my Amazon Storefront.  Karli20off for 20% off Kingsyard products.  Happy habitat building!   

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