Anna's Hummingbird in Winter

Our backyard friends take advantage of native habitat during the winter season. Here is an Anna’s hummingbird perched on Pacific ninebark (Physocarpus capitatus). I was able to get pretty close as he seemed to be coming out of torpor. As soon as I walked out the door with fresh nectar this morning, one flew by my head. Living day in and day out with these connections to wildlife sure makes for a beautiful life! 

I have linked all my favorite Anna's hummingbird products on my Amazon Storefront!  The Aspect brand is my favorite.  Always make sure to clean your feeder every few days.  You can always get in the habit of taking them down at night and putting them up in the morning to avoid the nectar from freezing.  We don't use heaters, but you can buy those as well!  There are so many ways to support wildlife and foster connections with wildlife in your own yard! 

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