Hello!  My name is Karli--welcome to my blog!  I live in Clackamas County in Oregon where I spend most of my free time building habitat for wildlife, right in my own yard!  I'm hoping this will be a place where we can learn together about native plants and gardening practices that support wildlife.  As a young girl, I grew up on upland prairie and white oak habitat, and spent my childhood exploring and making connections with nature.  I took for granted in those days that nature was so easily accessible.  As I grew up and moved into urban environments, I started to miss those connections, which led me to Douglas W. Tallamy's book "Bringing Nature Home:  How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants".  The rest is history!  Now, with well over a hundred native plant species indigenous to my area in both our front and backyards, I want to begin to share with you how you, too, can "bring nature home"!  Here you will find resources and tools to get started, plant profiles of the native plants in my yard, and a community where you can find support as you begin your journey.  
Welcome to Beetles and Bees--I’m glad you're here!  xo, Karli