Vancouveria Hexandria and Comfort Zones

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

First Inside-out flower bloom (Vancouveria hexandra) of the year.

Do you ever step outside your comfort zone when opportunity meets preparation?  Someone once said that outside your comfort zone is where change happens.  This little inside-out bloom is a little how I feel when I’m outside my comfort zone.  I feel like I’ve been turned inside-out.  It can be difficult sometimes to be patient with an uncomfortable process.  I’ve often heard “trust the process”, but I’ve found that trusting the process takes effort and intention—it is not a passive act to trust in something that feels inside-out.  To me, the inside-out place can be a vulnerable one, however, if you don’t take a chance, venture into uncharted waters, you might never know what you were capable of doing or experiencing.

My daughter taught me this recently.  I asked her how she would feel going to a school next year where she didn’t know anyone.  Her reply? “Mommy, I’ve already experienced that once, so I know I could do it again.” Inside-out is supposed to feel a little scary, but with the process comes a sense of accomplishment.  To be able to stand in a place with confidence and know deep down that if you did it once, you could do it again . . . that you embraced risk . . . took a step towards your fears . . . this is where we expand our spirit and mind, moving towards our truest selves.

Eileen Stark describes Inside-out flowers in her book, “Real Gardens Grow Natives” as “white blossoms that resemble shooting stars” (p. 297). In actuality, as well as metaphorically, I think she’s right.


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