Happy Birthday, Adam (and Robby, Neville, and Susan)!

Saturday, May 30, 2020
Adam on his 36th Birthday
Happy birthday to my loving husband, Adam, who has survived stroke and stage-4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and has never let his disability define him. I met him in New Orleans when he was traveling through the US to celebrate five years in remission. Now we can celebrate ten! Every year is a gift, and everyone who knows Adam knows what an incredible human being he is. Adam gives more to those he loves than he ever takes in return. Happy birthday, Adam! 

Karli with her little brother, Robby, pre-COVID-19 (summer of 2019)
Also want to say a big happy birthday to Adam’s granddad, Neville, and my little brother Robby, who all share birthdays on May 30th. 

Adam's Grandad, Neville, celebrating his 90th birthday in Australia
Want to also wish a special happy birthday to my Aussie mother-in-law Susan, whose birthday is the 31st. Today is the 30th here in the US, but the 31st in AUS, so since we are on opposite sides of the planet, we all celebrate on the same day. ✨

Adam's Mum, Susan, January, 2020, at Jake's in Portland during a holiday visit.


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