Black Lives Matter: I Stand With You

Sunday, May 31, 2020
Native Cornus canadensis (Bunchberry) looking pretty after the nighttime rain.

Got up early for coffee and to sit in the stillness of dawn.  I used to think racism and intolerance were the result of sheer ignorance, but I am now beginning to understand that there are many layers of ignorance.  Those layers of ignorance perpetuate racism.  Ignorance of HOW and WHY the cycle of racial prejudice is perpetuated must first be understood.  Through self-examination, I will be giving thoughtful consideration to what actions or inactions I am unconsciously guilty of that are fostering intolerance, prejudice, or bias.  Am I silent when I should speak up?  Am I talking when I should be listening?  We must first seek to understand.  Through understanding, our ignorance will give rise to activism, fighting against intolerance in ALL forms.  We must become anti-racist by waking up--becoming CONSCIOUS--because all of us have a role to play in ending racism.  With that, I will start on my journey of self-reflection and learning, because I refuse to be a player in any form in this pandemic of racism.  


George Floyd
Breonna Taylor
Dominique Clayton
Mike Brown
Eric Reason
Ahmaud Arbery
Atatiana Jefferson
Botham Jean

Justice for every other name I cannot list here whose lives have been taken because of racism, and for every other name who has suffered in any way because of racism. 

 I stand with you.


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