Happy Fall Season!

Thursday, September 26, 2019
I'm back!!  It has been a busy six months (or so) since I last posted, and so much has transpired since then.  We welcomed our puppy, Banjo, into our family.  He is a whippet from the San Diego area, and is loving Oregon!  We went to Crater Lake this summer, bought a new Subaru, and all three kids are off to school.  I now have a high-schooler, middle-schooler, and one still in elementary school, so three schools means busy weekday mornings and afternoons.  The kids are getting used to new schools and new responsibilities.  The kids are involved with music, dance, and soccer.  It's a busy time of year, but a time of rest, too. 

I am so happy fall is here now, and am settling into a more restful season.  I made a fall wreath for our front door this week by weaving faux oak and maple leaves between faux apples. And of course, a faux bird with nest (Thank-you, Michael's!). No glue, so easy to switch the theme seasonally, using the materials again and again while the base remains the same. Lights in old Mason jars is also a pretty sweet touch. I ❤️ fall. Will post a porch pic tomorrow! 


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