In My Garden You Will Find: Tall Oregon Grape

Friday, March 01, 2019
Was it just yesterday our backyard was covered in a blanket of snow?  In a matter of a day, it feels like Spring again, and it looks like my baby Tall Oregon Grape that I planted just last year is going to bloom for the first time.  This Oregon native is an early spring bloomer, producing bright, long-lasting, orb-shaped yellow flowers that are beautiful and stunning--in fact, it is our Oregon state flower!  These flowers give way to little dark berries that are sweet when cooked, and can be made into jams.  The birds love the berries, too, so you will attract native birds to your backyard by providing both a food source and dense habitat for them. 

Oregon grape is also an evergreen, so it will beautify your garden year round.  It is an excellent choice for establishing a backyard habitat here in the Willamette Valley!  Check out this blog post by Eileen Stark of Real Gardens Grow Natives for more information on other best selections for early flowering natives, most of which we have incorporated into our baby garden, which is going into its first Spring this year! 


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