Taking It Easy on Mondays

Monday, February 25, 2019
My Mondays are usually the day following a three-day work week, which as a nurse are twelve-hour shifts.  I'm usually so exhausted by Sunday nights that I sleep in on Mondays and then try to take it easy.  Today, I had a therapy appointment, which is around the corner from where Adam and I got married, so I sometimes walk there before or after the appointment.  Today I did both.  There were snow flurries all day.  Nothing was sticking, but it was pretty to watch.  I sat up in the event space there at Elephants on Corbett, sipped on some drinks, and simply took it easy.

I found this old work bench there, and I love the old markings, wear, and beauty of it. 

A pomegranate martini in one of my favorite Portland spaces on an easy Monday: what more could I ask for, really? 

Self-care on Mondays is especially important.  I give so much during three work days to others, and it's my chance to give back to myself, filling back up my empty bucket. 


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