Wednesday, February 20, 2019
We adopted Pepper the summer of 2013 from the Oregon Humane Society.  We had originally come in for her sister, a calico, but she wasn't well when we arrived, so we kind of looked around at the other siblings from her litter (a black and white female, and 2 orange tabby males), then left for the evening.  The black and white one, however, had kept reaching out to Sam through the cage, and the woman who was showing us the kittens commented on what nice temperaments black and white cats have, not to mention being very bright.  Long story short, I came back later that night for Pepper, and the kids were absolutely thrilled.  She will be six years old this April, and here is a recent picture of her:

And, of course, the picture from the day I surprised the kids with her:

And a picture of Pepper sitting in the sun as a kitten.  We love you, Pepper!  P.S.  We are getting a puppy in two and a half months, so your life will be even more exciting than it already is!

x o, Karli


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