My Backyard Mid-Winter

Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Halfway through winter over here, and after doing inspections today, I have found that none of my pots cracked as we had a mild winter, but the yard is starting to look atrocious!  It's right on that cusp before everything will bloom, but there are weeds and branches everywhere with dead leaves and old growth left behind from last year to help add organic material to our clay soil.  All the plants must be looked at carefully, one by one, some of them need pruning, all must be marked and labeled, cleaned up, mulched, and we need to order more filbert shells for pathways, not to mention Montana cobble for our rain garden.  The squirrels have dug up some plants, so there are a few losses, and this year I need to mark everything so I can figure out exactly what I had so I know when something doesn't come back and determine whether or not it is worth replacing.  So much work to do, so little time.


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