Tracing Time

Monday, February 11, 2019
Just over two years ago, Sam was eleven, and looked so much younger than he does now.  The kids asked me the other day if I wish they would stay little forever, and I can't honestly say that I wish they would, as I remember how exciting it was to grow up and gain more and more independence from my parents.  Of course, at times I do miss when they were little, but I am also excited for their future.  Here's a pic of Sam, just after he landed in Australia in October of 2016:

Sam in Brighton-Le Sands, NSW, Australia in October, 2016
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  There's this thing called hormones, and the changes in just over two years are amazing.  But no matter what, he'll always be my little boy.  x o

Sam at Timberline Lodge in February, 2019, just 28 months after the first picture was taken.
And now, how about we crank up a little Bowie to commemorate the changes of my growing boy.  Sam, if you're reading this some day, just know how much your old Mommy loved you, even if the posts embarrass you a little.  x o , Mommy

"Time may change me / But I can't trace time" --Bowie


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