A Special Announcement

Saturday, February 09, 2019

After a couple of year's of thought and planning, and in lieu of recent events, it has become clear to us that the time has arrived for us to add a new member to family . . .

We are so excited!  Mama is due with the litter March 8th, and we will bring it up from Southern California in mid-May. We are currently preparing by reading books, doing research, and getting our house ready for this special puppy.  I haven't had a dog since I was a kid, and my own kids have never had a dog of their own.  We are looking forward to training the puppy, taking it to classes, and maybe even showing him/her. Stay tuned for lots more info to come in the weeks/months ahead! We might not get it all right the first time, but look forward to learning from others and sharing our journey with our whippet with you.  If you have any blogs or sites that you recommend for learning more about the whippet breed, don't hesitate to share what you know with us!

x o, Karli


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