Special Package from Lemontree Interiors

Sunday, January 20, 2019
My all-time favorite interior designer is Ontario-based Sophia of Lemontree Interiors.  I love her home that she and her husband designed from the ground up, her style sense, her love of Nature, her online market, and following along with her lemontree_interiors Instagram posts, which is something I look forward to nearly every day.  Recently, for my 42nd birthday, my husband surprised me with two hand-forged brass spice spoons (one shorter, one longer) from her shop.  I absolutely love them, and will use them probably most frequently with my loose leaf teas, and maybe also occasionally for cocktail stirring.  They are beautiful to display on the counter or a kitchen shelf, and are timeless.  As Sophia notes in her online shop, "the shorter the spoon, the better for serving, the longer the spoon, the better for stirring."  x o, Karli

Banana fiber serving tray from Uganda, genmaicha (a favorite tea of mine), Le Creuset honey pot, inherited teacup and saucer from my Mother, a teapot from Tao of Tea gifted to me in the late 1990s by a dear friend, and my two new brass spice spoons from my husband Adam.  x o


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