South African Metal Antelope Bust from World Market

Saturday, January 19, 2019
It must have been over a year ago that I mentioned to Adam that I spotted something at World Market/Cost Plus that I thought would look nicely mounted over the downstairs fireplace mantle.  It was a metal antelope bust in light grey, and I kind of fell in love with it at first sight.  He must have sneaked back and purchased it, because I was surprised when I opened it this Christmas--they don't even sell them anymore!

Made from reclaimed metal from local scrapyards in South Africa, there are paint markings on the metal that are left, speaking to the original history.  Handcrafted, each one is a little different.  I remember when I was in Uganda watching African craftsmen make beautiful things along the roadside or at the markets, which I was able to obtain for loose change.  I packed as much as my suitcases would allow, leaving behind most of my clothes I brought for the African children in my host village Bwerenga.  An African stool became my carry-on (was very useful while waiting in long customs lines), many African batiks were rolled up, one even framed, and many banana fiber figurines were amongst a few of the souvenirs I brought back.  I love this antelope bust from World Market, and it looks just right above our fireplace downstairs.  Oh, and our new battery-operated copper-wire fairy lights now grace both of our two mantles . . . just the right amount of light to create a homey ambiance.  They remind me of fireflies and fairies.  x o, Karli


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