Lan Su Chinese Garden

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Today we picked up a cultural pass at Ledding Library and headed down to Lan Su Chinese Garden.  I love the cultural passes--a great use of tax dollars, and who ever says that?!

Here is the Tower of Cosmic Reflections teahouse I mentioned in a former post.  It's a Chinese teahouse operated by The Tao of Tea.  They kept refilling the hot water in our pots, so I must have had five or six pots of the Eight Treasures. 

From the menu: "Eight treasures tea, Ba Bao Cha, has a long history as a Chinese elixir and delicious beverage made from flowers, fruit, green tea, medicinal herbs, and rock sugar.  Flavor profile: A melange of flavors.  Sweet, soothing tea."  It was so delicious and calming.

There are two levels to the teahouse.  The photo above is of the ground floor.  We ate on the top floor, which looks like this:

Next time you have a free afternoon, this is a great place to be.  The garden was beautiful even in the dead of winter.  I loved this description of the Chinese garden, which was printed on the brochure:  "Plants serve many purposes in a Chinese garden.  Besides providing beauty, color, texture and fragrance, they also convey meaning."

"For example, plum, bamboo an pine are collectively known as the Three Friends of Winter and serve to remind us to persevere.  The plum braves the cold of winter to blossom; the pine stays green throughout the cold season; and the bamboo bends in storms, but does not break."

  I was so happy to have affordable access to this place today through the cultural pass offered through our local library.  It's certainly a special place to visit, and " . . . a historical treasure . . . a place where people, ideas and cultures intermingle."


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