Favorite Soaps

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Amy Peterson Homemade Soaps (Handmade in Lakeview, Oregon).  I purchase mine at Mount Hood Roasters (a favorite stop of mine on the way up to Mount Hood).  My favorite soap bar is Leather and Lace and her Blackberry Sage (Paraben-free) Lotion is the best ever.  I absolutely love everything about it!

My other top natural bar soap is Estrella HANDS DOWN!  Plant-based, natural soap bars, these are the perfect mix of everything, including slightly exfoliating (depending on which bar you choose).  Adam bought me two bars from Crafty Wonderland, as they had a booth there, and I will definitely be ordering more.  Based out of Seattle, I'm not sure if they carry products here in Portland, though it would not surprise me.  Their soaps can be ordered from their website, and they are AMAZING.  I have become quite sensitive to many products, and have had to start investing in natural, plant-based soaps.  These are currently my two top favorites!  x o, Karli


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