Dinner Out with the Girls

Thursday, January 03, 2019
The girls and I went out after I picked them up from school today for tea, then a little shopping for a new bird feeder from Backyard Bird Shop for the living room picture window, then we treated ourselves to Ken's Artisan Pizza.  I have the next eight days off, so I'm looking forward to this time with Adam and the kids.

Sisters Juniper and Amelia enjoying house-made lemonade from Ken's Artisan Pizza.

Prosciutto pizza for the win!
We love Ken's, and were so lucky to beat the rush, as when we left there was a line down the block.  Always a treat and the perfect mid-week dinner to keep the kitchen tidy at home and allow us to catch up on some other things (and we even saved enough for Sam and Adam, though it was hard not to eat it all!).


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