Wrapping Up 2018

Saturday, December 29, 2018
I've taken a blog-posting vacation during the holidays to focus on spending time with Adam and the kids, but now that the flurry of Christmas has come to an end and we prepare for a New Year, I have been pulled back to this space. 

We hosted Christmas Eve dinner with my family, then had our blended family together with friends on Christmas morning.  By the time everyone left in the early afternoon, Adam and I had quite a lot of dishes to put away, stock to prepare, and food to store in the refrigerator.  But then we sat down on the couch about five hours later, sipping on holiday beverages, watching Grey's Anatomy, and crashed a few hours later as I had to work early the next morning. We had a nice Christmas, though it was a bit of work to pull off, and everything came together nicely in the end.  I think our maple-infused brine made this year's turkey my best yet!  Tomorrow I am going to start taking down the Christmas decorations.  I thanked myself this year at my careful packing job, as nothing was tangled, and everything was so neatly organized in the Christmas storage bins.  I plan to spike my coffee with rum and get to it today, packing everything away as neatly as before.  I hope you all had a lovely holiday season spent with those you love most.  Saying a prayer for those less fortunate who battled a health crisis in their family or tragedy around this time of year.  Love and peace to all of you.  --Karli

P.S.  We have been placing a handful or two of roasted and unsalted peanuts in this tray for the scrub jays, and they make quick work of making off with their newfound treasures.  I've always liked bringing a little Christmas to our pets.  Pepper got some bits of turkey, the chickens were free-range for the day, and the backyard bird feeders were well stocked.  Our guests loved watching the birds flit to and fro during our Christmas brunch.  (Unsalted because salt is bad for birds, roasted so they don't germinate when scrub jays bury them, which they do)


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