My First Macrame

Wednesday, December 12, 2018
I've been admiring macrame for awhile now, and purchased a little one over the weekend at Crafty Wonderland.  Meant to be a Christmas ornament, I thought it was too pretty to only see once a year, so hung it in this little corner in our upstairs hallway.

This macrame ornament is made by Nancy McElligott of ZigZag Macrame, and can be purchased from her Etsy shop.  Hope this finds you well on this Wednesday.  I'd like to save up for a large one to hang above our bed frame, as I think they are so lovely.

P.S.  Tomorrow is the first of three Nutcracker performances, and I will be volunteering at the check-in/check-out counter.  Taking this month one day at a time, and only saying yes to those things that bring enrichment to our lives.

P.S.S.  21 years ago today, I moved in with my friend Sharla during her 21st birthday party.  Sharla, Jamie, Erin, and I lived together for almost two years at that little house off 54th and Hawthorne.  My Dad helped me move in that night from my dormitory.  He brought the trailer up, along with a bed frame, boxspring, and mattress he picked up at a furniture store along the way.  I still have that bed frame today, and always will.  Crazy to think that was 21 years ago.  Today is Sharla's 42nd birthday.  Mine is coming up in three weeks. 


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