Happy December First!

Saturday, December 01, 2018
I'm still at work this weekend trying not to let the grey, foggy skies get me down.  Working up on a hill, I have a view of the whole city, including several bridges, but today, all I see is a grey cloud cover.  One thing that is brightening my work shift is listening to Lee from America's December Seeds playlist on Spotify while I chart.  Check it out--I only recommend her playlists because they are so wonderful.  If you missed my post last month, here's a quick link to her November playlist.  Lee is actually in Japan right now--follow her on Instagram if you would like to hear more about her adventures! 

My girls with our dear friend, Gay, on her 77th birthday
On this first day of December, remember that it's okay to say no.  Say yes only to those things that will bring meaning to your life.  Choose experiences over gifts; people over obligation.  Hope you are all having a lovely December first!  



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