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Tuesday, December 18, 2018
I hadn't thought before to look at Goodwill for picture frames, as I have always been very particular about framing, and have been known to pay good money for a decent frame job.  When it comes to art that I love and know will hang in our home for possibly the rest of our lives, paying for the skill of frame selection and design is worth every penny.  I have to say, though, that my daughter picked out a print at Crafty Wonderland by Ursula Barton for her dad and step-mom, and I wanted to have it framed for her, because I could see the print getting bent in the Christmas opening ruckus, but didn't want to pay a lot.  Because I had another idea to gift vintage mugs with loose-leaf tea for my Christmas morning guests, I thought I'd have a look at frames for her while I was browsing Goodwill.
Old print 4/50 by Iris Boyd
I gotta confess, I never go to Goodwill, but oh, my goodness were there some cool finds.  I picked up eight mugs for $.99 each for my Christmas morning guests (will pair them with loose leaf teas from Tao of Tea), and a couple of beautiful vases for a couple of dollars each.  There were SO many cool paintings and vintage frames.  We found the above beautiful frame with an old print that we switched out for my daughter's Ursula Barton print.  I cleaned up the glass, dusty frame, as well as used soap and warm water on the slightly stained fabric on the frame, and voila!  Looks like a $150 frame job (well, almost), and it only cost us twenty minutes of time and a mere $5.00 (I can't even get a latte anymore for $5.00).

I love how it turned out--the gold around the print brings out the gold tones in the art, the cloth mat makes the white paper in the work really pop, and the etched wooden frame looks beautiful with the lines in the twin spires of the Oregon Convention Center (where we actually purchased the print!).  I'm sure this gift will be enjoyed for many years to come, and we got to reuse something old instead of buying something new while saving money and making memories together at the same time.  Feels good.  x o , Karli  

P.S.  Even though the Boyd print isn't really my thing, I left it behind our new Barton print out of respect for the original owner of the frame/work and the artist.  It just seems wrong to toss printed art.


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