Crafty Wonderland, 2018

Sunday, December 09, 2018
250 amazing artists gathered in one place?  Yep, that's pretty much my definition of a wonderland!  Crafty Wonderland is this weekend, and I've been looking forward to it for months now!  I discovered Crafty Wonderland a few years back, and love that I get to meet some of my favorite Etsy shop owners in person, as well as meet new artists to add to my list of favorites.  Local stores like Carter and Rose, Tilde, and MadeHere PDX all support local artists, designers, and makers from the Pacific NW by selling their wares, but this event brings them together in one place!  Crafty Wonderland is the perfect event for anyone who would like to support local artists during the Holidays, meet the artists to discuss their work, or simply browse.  I've listed a few of my 2018 Crafty Wonderland favorites here:

Luna Beehive
Aren't these cactus garlands by Luna Beehive the coolest ever?  Loved them!  I'm a sucker for pretty much any felted products.  Christen Glenn makes little felted Christmas ornaments, too.  Her shop is a must-favorite! 

Final Switchback by Katie Jeanne Reim
Adam loved the work by Katie Jeanne Reim of Final Switchback.  In her Etsy shop, she describes her work this way:  "I am fascinated by the patterns and designs made with the lines on topography maps and love pairing them with the inspirations I seek in nature. I am new to metalsmithing and am excited by all the possibilities to learn and create."  Adam was especially drawn to the upper left work with the coffee mug and storm cloud.  I have to admit, I loved the combination of map topography with Pacific NW scenery.

Kayla Burke Designs
We loved the floral crystals of Kayla Burke Designs.  There's something extra special about botany frozen in time, which is why I've always loved petrified wood and other botanical fossils.

Lauren Blair
How beautiful are these illustrations of the natural world by Lauren Blair?  I was in love with her work from the minute I saw this display, and am following her now on Etsy, hoping to buy one or two of her prints very soon. 

There were a few ceramic artists at Crafty Wonderland, and NIKO stood out to me this year.  She makes these very stylized nip planters that are unlike anything I've seen, but are so beautiful.  I hope to explore more of her work at future exhibits.   

Jeanette Zeis Ceramics
I discovered Jeanette Zeis pottery earlier this year, buying one of her wall vases for my mother-in-law in Australia.  I absolutely love her work, and would highly recommend checking out her Etsy shop for a unique gift that will brighten any home.  

michele maule
 I've also loved for a very long time the work of Michele Maule.  I picked up that sweet little "Happy Birthday" hedgehog card for Juniper's 11th birthday tomorrow.  Love, love, love her work!  I thought of Juniper instantly when I saw the little hedgehog.  

Little Golden Fox Designs
 Last but not least is Little Gold Fox Designs.  I absolutely love her work, and have often purchased her wooden postcards at New Seasons.  I follow her shop on Etsy, too.  One of the ways I stockpile cards is through Etsy, so I always have what I need for upcoming celebrations or events.  Her designs are lovely and beautiful.  Notice her Christmas cards displayed above--I absolutely adore her work. 

Thank you for joining me on a mini-tour of this year's Crafty Wonderland, as well as taking a look at a few of my favorite artists and makers.  For a complete list of the vendors at this year's event, you can click here.  From that list, you can click on any vendor to be taken to either their website or Etsy shop.  Whether you are new to Etsy, or wondering how you can access local art, I hope you find these links useful.  x o, Karli


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