Beauty in the Mess

Monday, December 03, 2018
The sedums creep during the winter months, beautifying the birch log terrace.
Well, what do you know?  The grey skies drifted away and the sky is blue and the sun is bright, just in time for my first day off this week.  You won't catch me watching movies all day!  I just let the hens out, filled the bird feeders, and had a look around the garden.  There are many kinds of birds in the garden today, including the scrub jays, who are after the roasted, unsalted peanuts in shells Adam put out for them earlier this morning.  I've noticed finches, wrens, and chickadees.  The birds are happy, and the squirrels are scampering around burying lost and found treasures. 

One of our bantam hens exploring the garden.
I wasn't sure how I'd feel today, so I had intentionally scheduled nothing, but now I am feeling inspired to go get our Christmas tree!  I'm going to put hot cider with spices on the stove and decorate the house today with the kids.  I might stop at Home Goods this afternoon to see if I can do something different for the base of the tree.  We usually get a 5-6 foot tree, so I usually don't place the base in a basket or do anything too fancy, but this year, I'd like to have a little more room at the base for the gifts, so think I'm going to change up my process this year.

Look for a blog post tomorrow about our day of Christmas decorating with the kids, complete with lots of pictures of our favorite things.  In addition, I'll share my favorite stove-top cider recipe, along with my top-ten list of all-time favorite Christmas movies.  And remember, just like this old garden pot, things can look messy, but at the end of the day, there is beauty to be found in the messiness.
x o, Karli


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