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Sunday, November 04, 2018
I discovered Proud Mary Coffee, a local Australian-themed coffee/breakfast cafe in the Alberta Arts District with a friend earlier this year, and have been meaning to go on a date with Adam there, considering he's Australian and all.  We had a lovely morning there.  The food is delicious, and their coffee is probably the best I've had in Portland, which is saying something.  

Delicious coffee from Proud Mary Coffee in Portland, OR
From Proud Mary Coffee's website: "We source coffee direct from origin, and supply coffee around Australia and America. At our retail locations we offer all-day breakfast, delicious lunch, high-end tea, fresh juice, smoothies, cakes and pastries and table-service along our coffee. We love what we do and in true Australian-style we have a genuine, warm, fun and sometimes a little bit cheeky nature and can't wait to spoil our customers!"

Apple of My Eye from the Proud Mary Coffee menu
Next visit to Australia (will be my 5th trip!), we are hoping to fly into Melbourne, and while we're there, we would be silly to not stop and check out the Hirte's original location on Oxford Street in Collingswood, VIC and have a cuppa at Auntie Peg's, too. How can we resist with this proclamation? "Proud Mary offers products and services that improve the start of your day so dramatically, that it's impossible to go back to the way things used to be." Hmmm, now that's my kind of coffee shop. x o, Karli


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