Parenting Teenagers

Sunday, November 11, 2018

My firstborn, Sam, is inching upon his 14th birthday.  He is becoming more and more independent, and parenting has become much more challenging for me.  His Dad and I divorced when he was four years old, so for the last decade, he has been through two new relationships in my life since his Dad and I split up.  He has adjusted through the changes so well, and always been a loving and supportive son.  As I parent, it is love and support that I most want Sam to feel from me, but the push-back that comes with adolescence is so challenging for me, that the end result of parenting doesn't feel so loving and supportive.  My life is my children, and it would be heartbreaking for me if I failed them as a parent.  And so I turn to parenting advice columns.

I was reading the Top 10 Parenting Tips by Barton Goldsmith Ph.D. on Psychology Today this morning, and the one about identifying your child's strengths to build their self-confidence.  Today, Sam went to the shadow day at his highschool of choice, and looking around at the teenagers, I remembered how challenging it was to be self-confident in highschool.  When Sam thinks of home here with Adam, myself, and the girls, I want him to think of love and support.  And I want him to feel self-confident, knowing that he has someone that believes in him always.  And not matter what, through all the years, I have and always will be by his side.  x o, Karli


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