Choosing Civility

Thursday, November 01, 2018
I traveled to Sisters, Oregon recently, and came across a small stack of little cards on the counter of a boutique from Citizens4Community, a grassroots effort their site states is dedicated to community-building by furthering civility, collaboration, and civic engagement.  Wow!  Check out the little card I picked up:

From Citizens4Community website:

Based on community input, Citizens4Community launched the Sisters Country Civility Project in February 2016 to encourage civil dialogue and civic engagement throughout Sisters Country. The initiative is using 9 basic tenets offered by Speak Your Peace and P.M. Forni’s book “Choosing Civility.” Those tenets are presented on the Sisters Country Civility Project’s9+1 Tool Cards.” Drawing upon the talents, time and passion of Sisters Country C4C team members, citizens and valued partners, the Project includes quarterly community-wide meetings, educational sessions with partners, speaking engagements with area stakeholders and locally produced content and materials—all of which are designed to support respectful communication and build trust.

I wrote in "demonstrate kindness" because I've always believed this world needs more kindness.  I try to practice non-violence through my communication and my actions, trying not to hurt living things, including garden spiders.  This little card will stay in my purse, a reminder of ways in which I can practice civility in this most uncivil world.  Thank-you, Citizens4Community for the important work you do.  x o , Karli

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