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Sunday, October 28, 2018
There have been times this past month that I've stolen away to Corkscrew for a glass of wine, just by myself, to think through things and spend time alone. I've always been someone who needs time to myself--what about you? Times have been tough lately, and I feel overwhelmed by the terrible things happening in our world today. What sort of world are we living in anymore? What will it be like for my children one day? I can't bear to think of it all, and the stakes are high.

More and more, I find it difficult to be present in the moment.  As a community activist in New Orleans, post-Hurricane Katrina once said, "One step, one foot in front of the other: That's how we're going to do it."  I remember hanging out with a Bourbon Street musician several years ago in New Orleans, who told me he lost his house and wife to Hurricane Katrina, but never stopped playing and bringing music to the people.  So, I find quiet time to myself, sip on a glass of French rosé wine, and visualize just that, putting one foot in front of the other, finding ways to bring about positive change in this world. 

I once went on a trip by myself to New Orleans, where I met my husband.

Here is a memory I wrote about from a few years ago (2014) regarding the Bourbon Street musician I mentioned above:

Smooth, a rub-board, percussionist-genius 46-years on Bourbon that I have run into two nights in a row.  Tonight, I walked with him to Lafitte's for a post- gig jam around a piano illuminated by candlelight, because the place has no electricity, and bought him two shots of Jack Daniels.  Smooth lost his wife and house to Katrina, but still plays his heart out every night. He also made sure I got back to my hotel safely.  What a fine night around the piano at Latiffe's tonight!!  The people, culture, art, and music here are amazing!!

A small clip of Smooth on sax from earlier in the week, days before I met Adam the night I bought him the shots of Jack Daniels. 

The night I met Adam (September 16, 2014)
And here is a clip from the night I met Adam, who was sitting at this very piano bar.  It is dark, because Lafitte's is a candlelit piano bar, and the oldest bar in America.  Smooth was there that night, drinking shots of Jack Daniels, and gathered around the piano with the other Bourbon Street musicians, who gathered there after their gigs to jam together.  x o, New Orleans.  Nothing but love!  And Smooth, if you're still out there, playing your heart out somewhere on Bourbon Street, I will find you again one day, old friend.


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