Loving Yourself

Monday, August 06, 2018
I took myself out for a pedicure this afternoon--needed some time to myself and self-care after three long nursing shifts was definitely in order.

My pedicurist was Vietnamese, and was commenting on my white skin, and how coveted white skin is in Vietnamese culture.  I got to thinking about how so many of us covet tan skin, then of course, I got to thinking about loving ourselves the way we are born.  It felt nice for a change to meet someone who would give anything to have skin as fair as mine, as I've spent my entire life in a culture where I have felt embarrassed and ridiculed for having skin so fair.  No matter how many times I went to a tanning bed back in the day, I was not tan.  Only burned with lots of freckles.  I stopped going in my early 20s when I went to a talk by a dermatologist who said to picture a tanning bed as your coffin.  My skin and the sun do not get along very well.  I have to be very careful not to overexpose myself without sunscreen, especially when I'm in Australia.  I had a moment of true self-acceptance this afternoon, thanks to this wonderful Vietnamese woman Nina, who made my day.  x o , Karli


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