In My Garden You Will Find: Typha latifolia (aka Cattails)

Monday, July 02, 2018
These are actually along our rain garden, which is quite dry at the moment.  I am excited to have these growing along it, as 1) they remind me of the landscape where I grew up in Yamhill County--the rolling hills were full of them!  I remember they grew all along the fence lines and along creek beds.  2) It has great value medicinally, is ornamental in the garden, can be used as a food source, benefits and attracts wildlife, and can be used practically in many ways.  The Native Americans found many uses for this beautiful plant, even using it as padding for bedding.  It's also a great purifier of water, has antimicrobial properties, and when combined with manure, fire ash, and water, it can be applied to sickly trees to bring them back to health.  These are only a few of the many ways in which this plant benefits humans and wildlife. 

I spy a little girl amongst the cattails!  We hope this will do well near our rain garden.  We will most likely plant it at the trough where most of the water will drain as cattails like small amounts of standing water.


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