Working a Double-back

Friday, June 22, 2018
What's a double-back shift, you might ask?  Well, it's when nurses do crazy things like stay over for four hours after a twelve hour shift, then come back within eight hours for another twelve hour shift.  You get paid overtime for the four hours over on the first shift, and time-and-a-half for the entire next day, because (per our contract) if the next shift starts within eight hours of clocking off the last one, it's time-and-a-half.  Good money for four extra hours of work, but boy can it be tough to pull off!  Here's me after seventeen hours on the floor:

I haven't had time to see my hairdresser since coming back from Australia, but that appointment is on the calendar for Tuesday!  I'm ready to fall into bed when I snapped this--I'll be glad I put myself through this when I get my paycheck next Friday!  To bed for now . . .


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