Well, Hello, Sydney!

Friday, June 01, 2018

We made it to Sydney, and the weather couldn't be more amazing.  70s and sunny, and we're just in time for the Vivid!  This little girl finally got up close to some kangaroos at Taronga Zoo.   Somehow this year, we managed to zig zag our way up and down the hills of the zoo, but we managed to see the seal show and catch most of the exhibits before dark! 

And look who finally tried chicken parmigiana, an Aussie favorite!  This little girl right here.  We are currently walking all over Sydney.  We crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, walked down around Luna Park, back over the bridge, dropped down into The Rocks, stopped at The Argyle for happy hour, and a handful of old historic pubs we traditionally either stop at or wanted to try out.  Amelia has been a joy throughout this entire trip, and I've learned to not underestimate your children!  I think children love to travel, and taking each of our children individually has been a gift both to them and to us. 


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