The Day I Got Married and Then Later Earned My Motorcycle License

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Originally, today marked the day of my first wedding in 2002, which sadly ended in divorce seven years later.  A few years after my divorce, I decided to make today a new event, so I signed up for a weekend motorcycle training class with Team Oregon and earned my motorcycle license on June 27th.  I bought a Buddy 170i scooter, and rode that thing to and from nursing school class, clinicals, and for long rides on my days off for about two years solidly.  Then I found myself in a phase of life where I wasn't really riding alone anymore.  Nursing school had finished, and I was on night shift.  I felt unsafe to ride it on night shift to and from work, as I was always soo tired before and after my shifts, so it sat in the garage.  About six months later, I decided to sell it, and I really have no regrets.  I felt with each time I rode the scooter, I was increasing the odds of my life expectancy being shortened as drivers often don't see scooters/motorcycles, and you have to ride with high levels of defensiveness at all times.  I didn't feel alert enough on night shift to maintain that safely.  I thought about making June 27th a new celebration of some kind, but I don't have any brilliant ideas at the moment.  So I'm just going to let it be June 27th again, just another pretty summer day.  A day I once got married and a day I once got a motorcycle license, but now just another summer day to appreciate along with all the others.


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