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Saturday, June 09, 2018
Confession: I packed too much again!  I estimate that I didn't use 3/4 of my suitcase, and coming home, trying to keep our bags under 50 pounds was quite a stressful challenge.  Mental note: PACK LESS NEXT TIME!

Most important question to ask yourself: will you have access to laundry?  If so, you will use WAY less than you think!  While at home, I tend to have favorites in my wardrobe that once rewashed are worn again.  When traveling, whether it be domestic or internationally, if I have access to laundry, I habitually dress by wearing my favorite, most comfortable items.  Pack these items with only one or two back-up outfits.

While on the plane, I drank lots of water this time around, and my feet didn't swell like they have in the past, nor did I experience excessively dry skin on my face.  I will link to The Girl from Panama, who has some great tips for self-care while traveling on a long flight.  I second the importance of a facial mist and rich moisturizer!  Just remember to keep these items under 3.4 ounces or less for carry-on luggage.

I am going to master the art of packing light!  With annual trips to Australia, it is a must-have skill!  The benefits to traveling light are countless, plus there's more room for souvenirs coming home!  See a future post on this topic!


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