In My Garden You Will Find: Mimulus cardinalis or Red Monkeyflower

Thursday, June 07, 2018
I am excited to establish a decent monkey flower patch in my garden, but while we were in Australia, it started blooming, and it's more orange than red.  Does anyone know why that might be?  It is in well-drained, but hard, clay soil which I have amended slightly when planting with compost.  The leaves also are erring on the yellower side of green.  I'm thinking I planted it in the wrong place.  Upon more research, I'm reading that it thrives in moist soil, where it will spread to form decent colonies.  Hmmm, might have to salvage some seeds from this one and plant closer to our rain garden!  As a big hummingbird attraction and SW Oregon native, I would like to see this do well in our garden!


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