I'm Still Here!

Sunday, June 17, 2018
My goodness!  This past week was a whirlwind!  My Grandma passed away (98 years old!) while we were in Australia, and her memorial service/funeral was Friday.  The day before that, I was helping Barbara's caregiver move some of her plants over to my place, as well as some of her books, outdoor furniture, and even a tabletop BBQ.  Some of you might remember I lost a dear friend, Barbara, in early April.  I have been helping here and there with some of her things, many of which have a new home at our house!  There was also a lot of scrap lumber and old pots and bricks, which I will repurpose over time.  It feels good to have so many of Barbara's things.  Rosario, her caregiver, brought tears to my eyes when she gave me a bag of some of Barbara's things that a month or so ago I had said were dear to me. 

Barbara's back porch
 I also worked on Wednesday, and prior to that, I was struggling with jet lag!  They say it takes a day per time zone, I think, and I'd say that has been our experience coming home this time. 

Flowers in Barbara's garden, which is Backyard Habitat certified!
But I'm still here, and will be back to blogging and connecting here with you!  It has been a busy month, but we're settling back down into a routine.  x o , Karli


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