Happy First Day of SUMMER!

Thursday, June 21, 2018
A corner of Barbara's Garden on Mt. Tabor
After suffering through a migraine this morning (not sure where that came from, except I tried to only drink decaf this morning), I spent this first day of summer (longest day of the year!) outside in my garden.  What a delight and a joy it has been for me to transport Barbara's things from her garden and place them in mine.  I guess delight and joy might seem like inappropriate words to use since her loss was just that--a loss--but somehow I know she is smiling down on her dear plants, pots, rocks, and even insects that were transported along with her things, knowing they will be lovingly cared for as long as I am living.  "Barbara's Garden" in my own garden now has an eclectic collection of rocks, seashells, and additional plants that were hers, some very beautiful (I promise to post an updated picture soon!).  I have also incorporated many of her river rocks, pots, and plants into my landscape depending on their growing requirements.  I planted her plants in her own pots.  Most everything she had is actually native to Oregon, and the soil in her various pots is golden.  I also have her worm bin, something that I have long wanted, but never actually acquired.  Adam pulled the whole thing apart, fed the worms, and put it back together.  We have a huge bucket of tea that has been collecting for many months, and we will dilute this down as a health potion for our various plants--I'm excited!  Look for a post soon on the worm bin, how it works, and how it benefits the garden.  x o , Karli


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