Family Trip to Hood River

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

We didn't make it to the Oregon beach today, as I felt too tired for the longer drive, but I did feel up for a trip to one of my favorite places to visit: Hood River, Oregon.  On our way up, despite the already 80-degree weather at 10:45AM, we did the less than 1-mile hike to Bridal Veil Falls and back--it was a beautiful stop, especially with so many other falls now shut after last year's fires.  It was pretty sad for me to see the burned trees visible along I-84, my first time since the Eagle Creek fires of last summer.  It was refreshing for me to see the beauty still intact, however, and Bridal Veil is a beautiful stop.  I was amazed at how much was preserved--the firefighters did a hell of a job last summer.  Fire patterns are also interesting to see when visualizing the aftermath.  There will be a patch of trees spared in the middle of a blackened and charred forest.  This spring, the forest floor has sprung up with new life again.  And so the next ecosystem will begin its work to establish itself.  Most likely, we will not see the Gorge again as we knew it in our lifetimes. 

 Once we arrived, we traveled along the Hood River Country Fruit Loop, picked up some peaches and apricots at the Draper Girls Country Farm, and stopped at the Apple Valley Country Store for huckleberry and marionberry milkshakes.  We had a picnic lunch along the actual Hood River at Tucker State Park.  We also made a stop at Lavender Valley along the Fruit Loop (all of our stops were along this track, actually), which was a beautiful stop as the lavender is all in full bloom right now.   


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