Current Favorite Instagrammer: Ashley Petrone

Saturday, June 16, 2018
I'm not sure how I discovered Ashley Petrone's Instagram (IG) feed, but somehow through the IG design network, we connected and I've been following her ever since!  Her blog, Arrows and Bow, contains beautiful posts though most of her time these days is centered around her IG feed.  "Living Simply, Going Tiny" says it all about her life pursuit in "finding the joy in the in-between".  Less than two years ago, she opened an IG account and started posting--she now has over 90K followers!  An inspiration to her readers, she lives in a beautifully renovated RV with her three children and husband Dino.  Minimalism is not just a goal for Ashley and her family--they live out minimalism and all that goes with it every day in their tiny RV space!  Apartment Therapy, Domino Mag, Country Living Mag, The Daily Mail, and SF Gate are only a few places you'll find Ashley featured--she is one of a kind, and it's no surprise she has struck such a following!

Image by Ashley Petrone
I am always striving for minimalism, so Ashley has been a true inspiration to me as she is truly walking the talk.  I realized when we moved last August how far from minimalism I really am through the packing and moving process.  Ashley posts all the time on IG about simple living and holding on only to those things you either love or need.  She doesn't attach herself to material things, and has no problem with offloading those things that are unnecessary.  In fact, when she downsized from home to RV, she got rid of most things, and has no regrets about that.  She talks about how freeing it is to live with less is in her posts.  If you're not already following Ashley over on her arrowsandbow IG feed, I highly recommend it--you will find inspiration and her daily IG stories and posts will be sure to brighten your day!  


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