Aussie-isms: You Say Esky, I Say Ice Chest

Friday, June 15, 2018
Communication can be a challenge in any marriage, but up-level that challenge with cultural differences?  Well, it's tricky, folks.  Adam is from Australia, and I'm an Oregonian.  We have differences (many, actually!), and some of those differences show up in language.  We say funny things here in Oregon, and Australians definitely say funny things.  In this new series called "Aussie-isms", I hope to help define some of the words that have led to communication break-downs here and there between Adam and I.  By the time they make it to the Aussie-ism post, you can bet we've had a laugh or two over them!

Adam: "Could you grab the Esky for us?"
Karli: "The what?"
Adam: "The Esky, babe--it's in the boot."
Karli: "I don't know what you're SAYING.  Oh, do you mean the ICE CHEST?"
Adam: "Yeah, the Esky.

Over in New Zealand, they're referred to as "chilly bins".  Call them what you will, they're ice chests in my book, and eskies in his.  Speaking of coolers, check out Apartment Therapy's 2018 guide on The Best Coolers by Nicole Lund (Just sayin', I don't think they included the Esky in their list, unfortunately).  Love you, Adam--differences and all.  x o, Karli

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