A Small Irritant

Sunday, June 24, 2018
I found this in my draft posts from many years ago . . . definitely written by a younger version of myself, but I think I still feel the same way.  Empower your workers!  

My first apartment, circa 2001 (before 9/11)
For some reason, I was a little annoyed this afternoon by this dialogue I overheard between a coffeeshop owner and barista as I sat blogging at a nearby table:

Barista: There was a rush of people before you got here, and since I was by myself, it was a little stressful, but everything worked out--I'm just glad we're staying busy. I'd rather have a rush than no rush. 

Coffeeshop owner: You know, if you want to comp people a dollar or two off their purchase to make them feel better about the wait, then you have my permission to do that. I don't have any problem with giving you the liberty to comp waiting customers . . . [pause] . . . NOW if you start comping your friends and family, I'm going to have an issue with that, but for waiting customers, don't hesitate.

I guess I was a little insulted for the barista. Does she really need to be told by her boss that he will take issue with her comping friends and family for coffee beverages? I'm of the opinion that it's insulting to tell people what they can't do, especially when it's common sense. Focus instruction on telling an employee what they can do, but leave the part out about what they can't unless it's actually an issue. This coffeeshop owner seems to love his authority a little too much.

Mental note: example of how NOT to manage my staff if I'm ever to be a coffeeshop owner some day.


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