We Made It to Sydney!

Sunday, May 13, 2018
After nearly 30 hours of travel time, Amelia and I made it through customs and into the welcoming arms of Adam and his parents, George and Susan.  We all stopped in Brighton-Le-Sands for smoothies and salads (so healthy, I know) at a favorite stop called Mootch and Me.  I remember we stopped there last March with Juniper.

Amelia and George (Adam's Father) at Mootch and Me in Brighton-Le-Sands
It's the best feeling in the world to finally arrive after such a long journey.  Here I can already see Adam, and can't wait to hug him tightly.  Amelia beat me to it!

Exiting customs with Amelia at Sydney Airport

But I got my turn shortly after, and what a guy--he had a hot caramel latte waiting in hand for me. I love him so much.

 Ahhh, together again! x o , Karli


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