Spring Treasures

Saturday, May 05, 2018

New fronds from young sword fern that was transplanted from it's former home in an old strawberry planter.  It loves growing from this section of an old birch tree that came down last summer.

Beautiful new fronds emerging from center of deer fern, which is happy near a nurse log and large rock.

This is one of the sword ferns I rescued from a demo site in Sellwood.  It is happy here beneath four cedar trees, and is displaying it's newest fronds.  The chickens have been misbehaving in the garden lately, and plucked a few leaflets from the new fiddleheads, so they've been serving time in the coop as penalty for their crimes.

Solomon's Seal with its dangling white flowers.  A favorite of mine this time of year in the shade garden.

These yellow wood violets love their new home, and are thriving.  I can't wait to see how many more pop up next Spring.  I hope to have an established patch here in a few years.  What spring treasures have you come across? 
x o, Karli


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