Quiet Moments

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Juniper near Oakland, California looking out at lake.
It's been a good stretch now that I haven't had any alcohol, and whenever I am taking breaks from drinking, I always seem to find I have much more time on my hands.  I also feel more grounded and centered within myself than I do otherwise.

Finding time to get away to a quiet place is important to reflect, appreciate the stillness, and just be.  Not far from where we live there is a beautiful trail that leads to Elk Island, a 13-14 acre island formed by a volcano that is surrounded by the Willamette River.  It is places like these that are close by that I escape to when I need a quiet moment.  My job as a nurse is a giving profession, and as a Mother of three and wife to Adam, I give in all areas of my life.  There are times I feel I have nothing left to give, and it is these moments that I get away to recharge my senses, my body, and my mind.  Where do you go to to find solace? 


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