Dinner in Camden with Friends and Visiting Adam's Zio

Monday, May 21, 2018

Tonight we met friends in Camden for Chinese--Eddy and Maria are long-time friends of the family, and we try to meet up with them when we're in Australia.

Maria's Mom, Palmina, speaks Italian primarily, but we have many people who can translate for us, including Adam, his parents, and Eddy and Maria.  She took to Amelia right away, and I love this photo of them at dinner.

Earlier that day, we visited Adam's Zio, who also primarily speaks Italian.  His sons and daughter were there, also, so we got to catch up with the whole family.  Zio lives on a large lot with many fruit trees and garden areas.  His house has been mostly untouched over the years, and it always feels like stepping back in time.  At 94, he does pretty well, doing most of the gardening himself.

Adam, Zio, Karli, and Amelia

As you can see, he even grows bananas in his backyard--in his garage, he has many seeds he is in the process of drying out for his gardens.  We always love visiting him!

Here we have Adam, his Dad George, Zio's son Mario, and Zio.  They are talking about making pizzelles.  You can see he made us a batch, and they taste very nice with espresso.  It's the Italian way!

Old tiles still in Zio's kitchen--I love them!

All in all, it was another beautiful day in Australia.  We have many loving friends and family here, and I love seeing them each year.  I always treasure these times together, as you never know what life might bring.  There will be many family members joining us for Adam's birthday next week, which he shares with his granddad, Neville.  His Mom's birthday is the day after (May 31st), and we are looking forward to celebrating those birthdays together next week.  For now, it's time for bed.
x o, Karli


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