A BBQ with Friends

Sunday, May 20, 2018
Part of our vacations to Australia include time spent catching up with friends and family.  Today was a treat as long-time friends of Adam's invited us over for lunch.  In the past, we've met up at Collegians in Wollongong or Oscar's in Towradgi Beach.  It was so great to get to see their house and garden, not to mention their beautiful new covered porch, complete with a mounted big-screen television. Amelia got along well with their kids, and we had a great time.  They leave for Hawaii next Monday--have a great time, guys!   

Boj, Suz, Karli, and Adam (Left to Right)
Boj and Suz's outdoor patio

Boj, Suz, Tony, Christina, Adam, Karli, Amelia, and Sofia
Suz and Karli

Boj and Adam

Dean, Amelia, and Sofia

Amelia with pelicans near Lake Illawarra
We had a wonderful afternoon, then stopped to see the pelicans on Lake Illawarra on our way home.  They are the funniest looking cartoon characters, but they are real, and these ones you can get pretty close to as they're used to being fed fish from the local fish house.  Another beautiful day in Australia spent making memories.  Did I mention it's been 70s and sunny every day?  Bliss!

x o, Karli


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