The Morning After

Thursday, April 05, 2018
My muscles are sore this morning after working in the yard all day (see my post from yesterday Taking Out the Arborvitaes).  It was a beautiful day, though, and we finished it off with a campfire before going out to dinner at King Curry, one of our favorite local restaurants.  Here's a clip of how serene our backyard was last evening.  Adam and I enjoyed a drink in the corner of the yard, admiring all of our work at the end of the day:

Today is a rainy day, and I've spent most of the day indoors after allowing myself just an hour or so of gardening this morning.  I don't mind gardening in the rain, in fact, I find it quite pleasant.

It's about time we pick up more Montana cobble from Smith Rock, Inc.  At some point, I'll order a whole pallet of them, but for now, I prefer to pick out the ones I like the best.

Blue Wildrye, native to North America.
 Blue wildrye and blue-eyed grass will join the other water-loving natives along our rain garden.  It's hard going from the old arborvitae root systems that are pervasive along the bank of our rain garden, but slowly, I am amending the soil and working them out.

Blue-eyed grass, an iris relative, and Western North American native
 I hope this blue-eyed grass propagates, as I am excited to have these in my garden.  They should do well along our rain garden, as they thrive in moist conditions.  Thank-you for reading!  x o , Karli


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