Taking Out the Arborvitaes

Wednesday, April 04, 2018
Today was a happy day!  Our neighbor came over with a chainsaw and one by one the eyesore that was an overgrown and unruly patch of arborvitaes was removed!

I've had a plan to remove these for quite some time now.  They completely blocked our view of the intersection, and were an untended eyesore.  In the midst of this row are growing several trees, most of which have been unable to grow property due their reaching unnaturally for light.  We even had a holly tree volunteer in there, which we happily removed, as they are invasive.

Our neighbor Jay with the chainsaw--we are so grateful!
Little by little, we worked together to remove everything but the larger trees from this hedge, and we are thrilled with the result!

Taken from our front porch, this space has opened up now.  Very few cars come through this intersection, so there was not a need for a privacy screen.  We will most likely have to take out the three trees near the curb, as they are pretty sick and one is split all the way through.  I have plans to put a stone bench here with Oregon grape surrounding it.  I can't wait to see this area evolve further, especially as we continue to work on our rain garden, which will get much more sun now.  Just this morning, I put in blue-eyed grass and rye grass along the bank.  Once we grind the stumps from the arborvitaes, I'll mulch the entire area, as the arborvitaes have left the soil in pretty poor shape.

What do you think of the results here?  I am absolutely thrilled!  x o , Karli


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