Quiet Moments in the Garden

Monday, April 30, 2018

I love taking five minutes here and there to wander around my newly planted gardens, inspecting and observing new growth.  It will take a year or two before I decide where I want to place garden benches, resting places where the garden is especially beautiful and worth sitting for a minute or two.

One of the things I have from Barbara is an old 1998 bulletin from the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon (I became a member of HPSO this morning).  In this bulletin, Dorothy Rodal writes about the value of sitting in one's garden:

. . . I like to sit in the garden.  I sit in the morning when we eat breakfast.  The toaster goes outside on a long extension cord to wherever we decide to sit.  You can tell where we have been eating lately because there are fewer weeds than other places.  We try to eat lunch in a different place, to spread around the neatness.  And then there are the mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks.  While I am actually working, I am constantly looking around.  I have a small stool that I sit on while I weed and from that stool I get a constantly-changing view of the plants and note combinations that are probably accidental and that I might not notice if my nose were too busy with the grindstone.  Sometimes I stop for a bit and just sit--presumably to rest my back--but actually just to look.

Rodal, D. (1998, April). Benches in the garden, shame on you? Bulletin: The Hardy Plant Society of Oregon, 14(1), 1-87.
I love to find a quiet moment in the garden where time stands still, and the only thing I hear is the sound of the birds and my own breathing.  Around me are the plants I have lovingly tended, some from friends, others acquired on a day trip to a favorite nursery.  Almost every plant in my garden has a story behind it.  I like to take it all in, and what better place to do that than from one's garden bench?


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