"Signs of Spring"

Sunday, April 29, 2018
Today I went over to Barbara's house to take home a few of her things.  A lover of cats and Spring (interestingly enough, she passed away in the Spring), I chose this reproduction of a batik she purchased many, many years ago at an art gallery I don't think exists anymore in Marysville, WA called "Whatever Art Works".  A reproduction of a batik designed by Toni Spencer, it is now hanging in our home, and I will fondly remember Barbara when I look at it. 

I also took home many of her native gardening books, potted native plants from Bosky Dell Natives from the last time she was there, and a particularly beautiful specimen of a dwarf lilac that lived on her back patio for probably a decade or more.  I also brought home her beloved set of pots, made at least two decades ago by a potter she met along the way, in which she used to bake quiches weekly.  I feel honored to have these things of hers in our home to remember her by. 

And if this wasn't enough, I had always loved the pods by Denise Krueger she displayed in her garden on bamboo stakes, markers for those plants her gardeners were to water.  Many years ago, Barbara was the one who first told me about the Oregon Potters Association Ceramic Showcase at the Oregon Convention Center each spring.  I had just come from Barbara's when I arrived this afternoon at the Showcase, and who did I meet there?  Denise Krueger!  I introduced myself, and as if Barbara was right there with me, Denise felt moved to send me a few for my garden to remember her by.  Denise's sister had gardened for Barbara, so I think it means a lot to her, too, to have her work displayed as a memory of Barbara.  Denise sells her work locally at Artistic Portland, as well as her Etsy shop.  I was delighted to meet her today, as well as several other "new to me" potters this year.  I love attending every year--it's a spring highlight for me!


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